Kelly James and Associates Investigates Aviation Turbulence Incident

A company that owned a Gulfstream aircraft reported that its crew had experienced a sudden and unexplained turbulent upset while enroute to Los Angeles from Europe. The company hired Kelly James and Associates to investigate the cause. Kelly James’ investigation found that the pilots were not following usual flight procedures. Their inattention contributed to the upset. Further investigation found that neither pilot was qualified for the job. The company hired Kelly James to overhaul their flight department, implement new safety and check procedures, and hire new pilots.


Kelly James' Investigation Leads to Large Plaintiff Settlement

An attorney in Ohio hired Kelly James and Associates to investigate a case involving an in-flight fire and subsequent crash of a light aircraft, which had been flying at night. The aircraft was more than 20 years old, and the fire was traced to a defective part. It did not appear the aircraft manufacturer could be found liable because of the age of the aircraft. However, Kelly James’ investigation revealed that smoke removal procedures would have saved the aircraft. The manufacturer had introduced such procedures in other company model aircraft but had failed to do so in this particular model. By uncovering these details, Kelly James was able to assist the attorney in obtaining a large settlement for the plaintiff.


Corporate Safety Case Settled in Favor of Plaintiff Because of Kelly James' Investigation

Kelly James was hired to investigate a corporate safety workplace case in which a worker was crushed in the rollers of a large piece of road building equipment. The equipment came with a guard-type cover for the rollers, but it was not installed. The defendant company stated the guard cover normally was never taken off their equipment and that removing the guard cover was a onetime event in which the victim participated. However, Kelly James and Associates was able to locate this rare piece of equipment being used in twelve other U.S. locations. Kelly James then videoed each of the twelve pieces of equipment being used over the course of several days, clearly showing that the equipment was used without the guard covers in place. The case was settled in favor of the plaintiff.


Diligence Shown in Kelly James’ Aviation Accident Investigation

A large, four engine jet, in use as a freighter, crashed on a missed approach. The on-site accident investigator stated the aircraft had performed an impossible maneuver, leading to the crash. Kelly James and Associates, however, successfully re-created the maneuver in an aircraft simulator of the same type of airplane. Through their simulation, Kelly James then showed that the cargo had shifted during the missed approach, causing the crash.