Kelly James and Associates offers a wide range of corporate investigative services. Our firm has worked with companies on white collar crime investigations, company property theft, employee surveillance and background checks. But we’ve also conducted investigations for companies which have involved homicides and missing persons.

Although we use the latest computer and forensic technology, we have not forgotten that the best investigative tools today are still based on hard work, experience and common sense. And more importantly, we believe that nothing takes the place of understanding people and relating to them. That’s why we assign an investigator to each client and why we ensure that we assist in offering security solutions for everyone of our clients.


Based on our expertise in corporate investigations, Kelly James and Associates offers corporate security solutions in the following areas:

  • Company security issues, including access to physical plant and surveillance of physical plant
  • Employee hiring programs
  • White collar crime

  • We are thorough, accurate and bring the necessary expertise and support to each case we undertake.